Solar heating system for a 4600 square foot pool in a vacation camp, in Quyon, Quebec.

Will it work for my oversized commercial pool?

The bigger the pool, the more solar heating makes sense. Municipalities, hotels, motels, campgrounds, vacation camps and resorts can all benefit from savings in heating costs, or increased business thanks to a solar heated pool.

Be it on a roof, inclined or flat, or on a ground rack, a solar heating system will more than supply the much needed heat to your commercial pool. Even the Olympic Pool for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta relies on a solar heating system to maintain proper temperature for internationnal competitions.

No other pool heating system is as safe, economical, quiet and ecological as solar. No other system matches our 10 year, 100% warranty on parts, labor and travel time.

We always work in conjunction with your preferred pool maintenance crew in order to insure the integrity of your fitration and chemical depensing systems.