What's in a warranty?

What are the terms of a good warranty?

Will the warranty still apply to this solar panel?

First, it should apply to all owners over the warranty period. Find out if your warranty is limited to the original owner or not.

Does your warranty require you to complete the enclosed warranty card and return it to the warrantor within 30 days of product delivery? It should have no bearing as long as you have a proof of purchase.

Does your warranty require that all claims be addressed in writing within 30 days of discovery of fault: in many cases, the homeowner delays the notification until early Spring, after having noticed a fault in the Fall. A telephone call should always be sufficient notice.

Can repairs be done on site? Some warranties apply only to panels shipped to the manufacturer. Fortunately, most can be repaired on site. Check the fine print on your warranty.

Does your warranty offer protection from freeze damage, freight damage, and cover labor charges for removing and re-installing repaired collectors, or shipping costs for replacement collectors? Ask for the fine print before you purchase.

A good warranty should not be pro-rated and it should cover labor charges too for the whole period.

A good warranty has been offered for at least that number of years. Find out what components are covered: the headers, the installation hardware, or just the collectors themselves? How much should it cost to remove and re-install the system for reshingling the roof? Will the warranty still stand after such repairs to the roof?

The Heliocol warranty

In Central and Eastern Canada, the 12 year Heliocol warranty applies to all subsequent owners, covers freeze damage, freight damage since it is delivered to you by our installers, covers parts, labor and travel time for repairs or replacement of collectors, not-prorated for a period of 10 years. It is not necessary to fill in a warranty card, nor to give notice of faults in writing, and there is no time limit to make the claim within the 10 year period. We even keep a record of your purchase in case you loose your copy of the purchase agreement. The warranty still applies after re-shingling your roof if it is done by our installers. It generally costs $250 to $350 to remove and re-install your collectors, including both trips. Heliocol collectors have come with this warranty since 1991 in Canada and since 1977, elsewhere.