Solar System Winterizing Procedure

Winterizing the solar system is generally very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Automatic Control Valve
    1. Make sure the pump is turned off for the Winter;
    2. Slide the control button on the automatic control panel to ON, or "To solar", or to whatever position indicating the solar heating is on. The red or green "Heating" LED (Light Emitting Diode) should light up;
    3. Remove the plug from the outlet as to disconnect and power-off the Automatic control panel.
  • Manual valve
    1. Make sure the pump is turned off for the Winter;
    2. Turn the handle as though you want the solar system to heat your pool.
  • Two 2-way valves and other valves or plugs
    1. The red or white handles on the 2-way valves heading up or down from the collectors must remain open, just as they did all Summer long.
    2. Any other drain plug or faucet-like device should be opened a short while to insure water is not trapped in some pipes.

    Congratulations! Your solar system is winterized.

    However, if your system has pipes going underground, or lower than the filter head, you must either remove any drain plugs (one for the feed pipe, and one for the return pipe). These might be under a green plastic drain-well cover, or anywhere the pipes are lower than the filter head. Replace the drain plugs after the pipes stop dripping.

    Lastly, if your system has no drain plugs, but does have pipes travelling below the filter head, you must flush the water out of these pipes using a Shop Vac or an air compressor, and fill them with plumbing line anti-freeze.